The Mother Divine
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By Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath

Sri Chaitanyachandra was very sad; he was unable to speak. He was much distressed and very weak. At that time the merciful Sri Guru arrived and asked, ‘Hello, Chaitanya!
Why are you in such a state?’ Chaitanya replied sadly, ‘Well, I am very ill.’
(Throughout the dialogue, Pancha refers to the human body
made of five elements)

Sri Guru : What ails you? You cannot be burnt by fire, drowned in water or dried up by air; why should you be in trouble?

Chaitanya : It does, it does. This Pancha, my body made of the five elements, knows. Speak Pancha, speak of my illness. Pancha said, ‘Sometimes there is wheezing in the chest or bouts of cough or fits of asthma. On some days there is fever and on other days there is acidity. What else should I tell you?’

Sri Guru : This is Pancha’s own illness! What is it to you? Why are you restless? The naughty Pancha has violated rules of hygiene and is suffering for it. What’s that to you?
Chaitanya : I get troubled by Pancha’s troubles.

Sri Guru : Can that ever happen? The naughty fellow Pancha is the house and the clothes. He may fall down or may get damaged; why should you be concerned? Let the Pancha die and become a ghost.
Chaitanya : What will happen to me if Pancha dies? Where will I live?

Sri Guru : Will you have to go with a begging bowl, from door to door? O silly Chaitanya, if Pancha dies you will get another Pancha. You have done nothing to get rid of Pancha forever. As a new house is built when the old one falls down or new apparel is worn when the old one get torn, so you will get a new Pancha.

Chaitanya : Alas! Will Pancha die?
Sri Guru : Pancha is not immortal, he is sure to die. Well, do what I say. Go up to the sixth floor. There the light of the Sun has entered through the crack of the door and the place illuminated. Inside that is the Pranava. Omkar is written there. Chant that Pranava and meditate on the God within the Pranava.
Chaitanya : What will happen then?

Sri Guru : Then you will be able to know yourself. The anxiety about Pancha will be set at rest. Obstacles like disease will not remain. Diseases etc. are impediments to Yoga. They cannot be removed with medicine. They will have to be removed by Japa and  meditation.
Chaitanya : But Pancha is sick!

Sri Guru : Again do you talk about Pancha! Foolish Chaitanya! Give Pancha the right medicine. ‘All diseases are removed on uttering of the name of Govinda, Ananda and Achyuta. This is the truth and there is no doubt about it.’ Chant the name of Govinda, Anand and Achyuta. Then your pet Pancha will be cured.

Chaitanya : Then am I not Pancha? Then what am I?

Sri Guru : You are Free, Intelligent, Absolute and Infinite, The Sun, the Moon and all the heavenly sparks of light You only, the infinite universe surrounds Eternities have passed; still it dances its rounds O Great Light of Bliss, forgetting your true nature, You play a billion roles in this illusionary theatre. Disown this dying body and know your nature true. Be established in the Self, and bid your pains adieu. Awake, sleeping creature, wake up and you will find The great ocean of peace, that brings tranquility of mind. So chant aloud ‘Jai Guru Jai Guru’, and sing it endlessly. Your pains will melt and disappear, in one touch of grace, you’ll see!