The Mother Divine
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By Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath
Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath

If the preceptor favours the disciple all his earthly ties wear out gradually. The devotee reaches a stage when the sacred formula (mantra) dissolves. He cannot even utter the formula. He reaches the stage which is being discussed now.

(1) A continuous sound like ram-m-m . . . is heard for some time and then all’s still. Everything dissolves along with the sacred formula (man­tra), only a thrilling sensation, tears and a tranquil condition remain.

(2) The body of the disciple, after he is initiated in the sacred formula becomes one with that of the preceptor. The gross body, Jyoti (non-generated Light), and Naad (non-generated Sound) which constitute the spiritual body - all become one with the body of the revered Gurudeva.

(3) Those women who are undergoing spiritual discipline should not loiter in streets or crowded places or frequently visit temples. They should remain within the Ashrama in meditation, repeating the name of God, reading sacred books, etc.

(4) Female devotees should not speak to or converse with men. The more a woman observes this rule, the happier she is likely to be and attain steadiness of character. Those who are entrusted with the management of the Ashrama may however talk, if necessary, with men in connection with the duties allotted to them.

(5) Havishya does not mean ‘matar dal’ and green plantains boiled together with rice. That is Maha-havishya. Things required for Hav­ishya are listed in the article “Kachu, Ghenchu, Kanchkala” in the book “Khyapar Jhuli”. If these things are offered to the Deity before they are eaten they may be regarded as Havishya. Dal and Vegetables should be cooked with ghee.

(6) They should worship the deities of their choice and the precep­tor everyday with flowers and sandal wood paste. It is also their duty to perform Arati three times a day and to offer to God everything before it is eaten or drunk.

(7) Those who are not required to speak to men or women should remain silent. The less one talks the more one’s power of perception develops.

(8) We are immersed in the ocean of atoms which are very small in size. When the rays of the sun enter a room through a window we can see very small particles floating in the air. Each of these particles is composed of six atoms and is called ‘trasaranu’. Lust, anger, greed, infatuation, dis­ease, bereavement, misery, pain, everything constituted by sattva, rajas and tamas, morning and noon, sin and merit, or in brief, all things that exist are composed of atoms. When a man feels angry, atoms of anger rush to him from all sides and intensify the passion. When a man feels lust, atoms of lust gather together and intensify his passion. If a man repeats the name of the Lord or meditates on Him the atoms which constitute these activities come and give pleasure to the worshipper. When bells are rung, conches blown and incense burnt during Arati (waving a light or the vessel containing it before an idol) sattvika atoms accumulate to the pleasure of all present. The state of the mind conforms to the conditions of the external world. The Great power which assumes the form of atoms comes to all men, apportions merit or demerit to every man according to the deeds performed by him in the past, gives disease, grief, misery and pain to the sinner and ultimately sends him to Hell, leads the good man along the path prescribed by the Shastras, gives him pleasure after pleasure and then immerses him in the Supreme Bliss.

(9) It is said in the Shastras (scriptures) that God was alone at the beginning. In order to create the world He assumed the form of a man in the right half of His body and that of a woman in the left half. He was two in one and one in two and the two together assumed an infinite variety of forms. Hence naturally man is attracted to woman and woman to man. If a man marries in order to travel along the path of peace and happiness and co-habits with his wife in order to procreate a son in ac­cordance with the injunctions of the Shastras, his mind and heart move towards God who immerses him in the ocean of supreme joy. If you look around you, you will easily realise what happens when people do not act in the manner prescribed here. Pain, misery, incurable diseases and thou­sands of hospitals for men and women indicate the pitiable conditions of those who renounce the guidance of the Shastras. The Sastras have laid down that a man should not look at the face of a woman not related to him, that he should walk with his eyes fixed on the ground. Otherwise, atoms will flow into the bodies of the man and the woman (who meet each other face to face) with the result that they will inevitably attract each other and suffer pain. Specially, those women who are engaged in prayer and worship should avoid the company of men, otherwise they will not be able to attain union with God.

(10) The world is the huge (Virat) body of God. The Sun-god is the soul of the movable and the immovable. He resides in the heart of every living being as his life and in his face as the eye. The eyes must be looked after with great care. Everybody should form the idea that God has assumed different forms and is enacting His divine sport and, inspired by this idea, should acquire the habit of looking at and bow­ing before everything as the embodiment of God. He is bigger than the biggest and smaller than the smallest. We should also think of Him as the Great (Virat) in the external world. He resides as the parama Vindu (the Supreme point) which has the brilliance of a crore of suns, at the Sahasrada (Lotus with a thousand petals) inside the head of every man and woman and directs his or her life.

(11) My benign God, Shankara, has devised Mantra yoga, Hatha yoga, Laya yoga and Raja yoga in order to attract us towards Him. The object of contemplation in the Mantra-yoga is the blessed form of God composed of Sat (existence), cit (consciousness) and Ananda (Joy), in the Hatha yoga is Jyoti (the non-generated Light) and that in the Laya-yoga is Naad (the non-generated Sound) and Vindu (the Point). Raja-yoga and Samadhi (Absorption in God) mean the same thing. When the devotee repeats the sacred formula (mantra) many times all these appear spontaneously. In the final life, the devotees who practise these yogas be­come unified in the parama Vindu which is as brilliant as a crore of suns and as cool as a crore of moons. This state is called Nirvana. Irrespective of sex, devotees attain salokya (the privilege of residing in the same region as God) or sarupya (the same form as that of God e.g., the form of Chaturbhuja, etc.) in accordance with their own past deeds. Some go to Vaikuntha and others reside in Goloka and assume the form of the two-handed God holding the flute. Sayujya means residence in the body of the Lord. But those who are sincere devotees do not want liberation. They want to prostrate themselves at the feet of the Lord and serve Him.
The Lord has said, “even if I am ready to grant liberation to my devotees they do not want it.”

(12) Man can live quite happily in this world, repeating the Name of the Lord if they forget all differences between or among themselves. Is that possible? Yogis say, “You who desire to attain peace of mind will, if you attend to the process of breathing, be able to know, that all of us have the same life. When we exhale, our breath mingles with the air outside us and when we breathe in, air enters our body from outside. Therefore, we all live because we all inhale air from the outer space, that is to say, we are under the protection of the same Mahaprana (Great Life) living in space. As soon as we realise that all of us have the same life all our miseries will come to an end. It is Life which keeps us alive. There are no friends or foes among us. We are all different forms assumed in a sportive spirit by the Mahaprana (the Great Life) or the Purushottama (the Supreme person) who is of the nature of Supreme Bliss. He has assumed all these forms and been sporting with Himself. Say Radha, Radha-Govinda.

“Can a man have experience of this kind in this age?”

“Surely he can.”

Surrender yourself to the feet of your preceptor who is none other than God Himself, repeat the mantra in your mind again and again and always say, clapping.`

“Hare Krisna Hare Krisna Krisna Krisna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare.”

Everything will come to you spontaneously.
Victory to Sri Gurudeva.