The Mother Divine
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By Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath
Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath
He has attributes and is yet attributeless;
And He is beyond all attributes.
Thou canst have him in the way thou likest.
‘Not this, not this’—the subtle Vedantic reason—
Is for him alone who has renounced his all.
What Satyayuga seeks through meditation,
Treta through sacrifice and Dvapara
Through worship, Kali seeks by chanting the Name.
Always chant the Name together with thy friends,
Blessed will be thy birth, blessed thy life.
The whole world is purified by the Name’s chanting,
Sing it day and night with or without faith.
It will purify beast and bird, tree and creeper.
The hearing of the Name will save one and all.
Sing thou the Name and make others sing it;
The Lord delights in him who shows the right path.
No path so good as that shown by the Name:
Make the Name thy all! Sitaram, servant of the Lord!
Guard thy ear and tongue, do not listen
To someone speaking ill of another.
Don’t speak ill of one even by slip of tongue;
Only then will the Lord be pleased with thee.
One who speaks ill of another shares his sin.
He soils the virtue he acquired before.
Forsake bad company and take the Name.
The power of the Name will melt thy heart.
The world knows no wealth like the molten heart.
The molten heart is visited by the Lord.
Make the Lord thy treasure, and thy life all pure,
And sing constantly the sweet name of Hari.
Ask not who is pious and who sinful,
Give the Lord’s Name to him who asks for it.
Where one does not ask, press him to have it.
Don’t sit idle, Sitaram, servant of the Lord!