The Mother Divine
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(Streams of Nectar) By Sitaramdas Omkarnath
Not a poet’s fancy but seeing face to face!
Surely the devotee will meet his Lord.
Unfortunate is the man who keeps away
Thinking it is all a figment of the brain.
How sweet to hear, ‘Thou Lord! Thy servant I!’
As thou utterest it thou art rid of pain.
Make a firm resolve to see Him face to face,
Without a doubt thou wilt see Him thus.
Thy heart-strings are attuned to the loved Name,
Recite it constantly and move forward.
Even now my Lord appears before me.
Recite the Name and make it all in all.
With recitation expectation will arise,
And thou wilh look out for Him day by day.
He, thy life’s joy, will smilingly appear.
The Lord’s servant Sitaram! Recite the Name!’

Thou wilt have Him as thou thinkest of Him.
Don’t forget to think of Him and think in one way.
When thou wilt feel deeply and lose thyself
Thy mind and vital force will melt in that.
The wise say He lives in the molten heart.
Let thy hard heart melt, and thy mind and vital force.
My Lord desires no further offering
At the worship than just the tears of love.
Shed, shed thy tears at his feet, and thou
Wilt have no worries, thou wilt be free,
To him who offers the worship of tears
The Lord appears in no time. Blessed the man!
‘Take my all, but let me see Thee’—say so to Him
And He who looks into thy soul will appear.
Thou wilt see Him in the form thou lovest.
Says Sitaram, the Lord’s servant; Chant the Name!