The Mother Divine
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by Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath
The fruit of endurance

A man went to a sannyasi and took shelter with him. He was hoping that the sannyasi would teach him to pray and worship, and that he would see God and be fulfilled. He engaged himself day and night in the service of the sannyasi, without in the least caring for winter, summer or rains. Many years went by in this fashion, but the sannyasi did not show any grace. Gradually, the man became impatient and made up his mind to leave the place. One day when the sannyasi was absorbed in meditation, the disciple decided to flee. But as he was moving out, he heard someone say, ‘have patience.’ In astonishment he looked at the empty room and found that the pitcher of water was speaking.

The pitcher said, ‘Don’t be so restless; be patient and endure.’

The disciple said, ‘There is a limit to one’s patience. I have been waiting patiently for about 20-odd years but I cannot endure it anymore.’

The pitcher said, ‘How much have you endured? Listen to my tale of endurance. At first I was earth. I endured so much of sunshine and cold. Countless men eased themselves on me. I silently endured this torment for so many years. Then one day a potter broke me into pieces with a spade, carried me away in a basket, threw me down there on the ground. He poured water on me and trampled me with his feet. I remained silent. Are you listening to the account of my endurance? Then he made round lumps of me and started to spin me on a wheel. You cannot imagine how terrible it was. When I was taken down from the wheel I was no longer earth; I had become a different shape. Then placing me in the sun he added something to me and began to beat with a wooden club. Under the pain of belabouring I cried aloud for mercy. Then I found that I had turned into a pitcher. After drying me in the sun, he burnt me in a fire. My hard life still did not leave me. I continued to endure. I thought now perhaps my sorrow had come to an end. O God! It was not so. He put me in a shop. Whoever came to the shop would examine me by knocking me with the knuckles.

In this way I endured so much beating by so many men. After many days, this sadhu Thakur bought me. Now I carry Ganga water. Now this water is used to worship Shiva and Vishnu, and serve sadhus. Did you hear, my son, the fruit of endurance?”

The disciple understood and realized that the sannyasi Thakur himself had appeared in the form of pitcher to impart the teaching. The disciple prostrated himself and began to cry, ‘Gurudeva, have mercy on me.’ The Gurudeva came smiling and removed all his pains by one graceful touch.