The Mother Divine
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Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath
Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath


In the soul’s depths thou wilt find the unvoiced sound,
And sink day and night into the sea of light.
While thou recitest the Name visions will come
And bless thee with the sight of thy dear Lord.
The soul’s gates unlocked, formal prayers will end,
The mystic Word will find its voiceless sound.
Thou wilt hear it and sink in infinity.
Thou wilt lose thyself in the sublime state;
There will be joy and joy—joy without end.
Recite the Name, sing it, make it all in all.
Observe the vow of repeating the Name
And win eternal wealth amid passing things.
Stupor and passion will disappear and make lightappear
Bringing wisdom and happiness with it.
The light will rouse the mind, the mind the soul.
Sing Rama, Rama, the Lord’s servant, Sitaram!


The sinner, sufferer, the sick and the bereaved
All find respite and peace by chanting the Name.
Chant the Name! Lust, anger, greed, delusion, pride
And envy will flee, leaving the body pure.
The evil senses, hungry for the pleasures,
Are enfeebled by the chanting of the Name.
And when thou tastest of transcendent joy
All these will be swept away in the flood.
Chant the Name, misery and sorrow will go
And thy woes will end and the groans of pain.
Without thy asking, fame and wealth will roll
At thy feet. Forget no more this treasure—Name!
Enrich thyself, lost traveller, with the Name.
Straight and smooth is the path of chanting the Name.
There is no wealth here as great as the Name.
Recite the Name, the Lord’s servant Sitaram!