The Mother Divine
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excerpts from Streams of Nectar
Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath
Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath
RECITE the NAME, my mind! without a break
And thou wilt find peace and conquer death.
From the name has this universe arisen,
In the Name all objects find their support.
The Name objectifies itself into the world,
The Name becomes all forms of life and moves
As man, woman, bird, beast, worm and insect.
The Name in myriad forms enjoys its sport
Manifesting itself as day, as night,
As half month and month and the six seasons
The Name is all: it is the sun, the moon,
The planets; the Name is light and darkness.
The basis of all things is the Name,
It is river, hill and sea, tree and creeper.
Remember Rama, sing Rama, Rama,
And thou wilt attain bliss, O Sitaram!
Thou hast come here to recite the Name!
Wake up, wake up at once, sleep no more.
Arise, sit up with the Name, lie down with it,
Work with the Name in thy heart, rest with it.
Don’t worry about faith or lack of faith,
Recite the Name in any way thou likest.
That will take thee across the wastes of life.
Spend no more thy precious hours in vain.
The Name and the Bearer of the Name are one,
Chant the Name, think of the Name as the Named.
As thou chantest the Name, there will be joy,
In light and rapture conflicts will be solved.
The upward move will take thee to the stage
Where the pure life in all its forms is lived.
The body will be thrilled and tears will flow
In ecstasy!—says Sitaram, servant of the Lord.