The Mother Divine
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Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

When will I take to Krishna’s Name
When will I sing Its glorious fame
When will I feel Its captivating charm
When will my soul surrender to Krishna Naam

When will I take to constant industry
And chant His Names in total humility
When will I resist all worldly temptation
And seek to achieve total contemplation
When will each syllable produce glorious effect
And free me from laxity and consequent defect
When will I continuously roll the beads
And sow in my being His Naama seeds

When will I run to His devotees gathering
And be a part of congregational chanting
When will I serve devotees’ feet
And when will I their leftovers eat
And when will on me their blessings shower
And make me a true Naama lover

When will my chanting be active and vibrant
Filling me with feelings truly effervescent
When will I shun all indifference
And taste them true their pure essence

When will I sing His Names in utter madness
And dance happily in a never ending resonance
When will I feel my voices drowned
In the thunder of His Names sung all around
When will I become restless with unease
If for a moment my callings cease
When will my tongue repeatedly vibrate
And His sweet names there constantly reverberate

When will the flood of Naam’s sweet waters
Making me see His blue in all quarters
When will every utterance produce ecstatic tears
And begin to free me from all worldly fears
When will I bring my heart to my throat
And make His Naam there blissfully float
When will His Naam fill my every pore
And make Him reign my innermost core
When will His Name rise from my belly
And produce a seizure, so heavenly
When will the Name get sung on its own
And vibrate my tongue in a great sweet tone

When will His Names take over my sleep
And even into my dreams surely seep
And when will I with all my senses quiet
Enjoy His Names making festive riot

When will His Names mix with my life-airs
And I experience the standing up of my hairs
When will I in bliss horripilate 
And care no more for any mortal fate
When will His names take total control
In the last hours when death does toll
When will His Names bring Him rushing
When out of my body my life- airs are gushing
When will His Names take my shrouds all
My gross, my subtle and the first causal
When will I attain that Blessed state
So without a care I can leave this present estate

When will my mouth get truly fragrant
With millions of His Names on my tongue rampant
When will I string these verbal flowers
And make for my Lord secret bowers

When will the Names I constantly utter
Make heavy dense clouds ready to thunder
And when will these burst into pour, ambrosial
Bathing my lord in showers, perennial

When will my calling truly represent
My pangs of separation, I kept reticent
When will the Names I constantly sing
Put unto shame that heartless King
When will the Names overcome His resilience
And put to nought those miles of distance
When will these Names constantly prick
When will these, His sense of guilt, tick
When will He regret delaying so long
To take with Him my life along

And then will my Lord,for my chants, hanker
Making His ears grow sharper and longer
And then will He get a taste of His own medicine
Like He did to those calves with His notes so serene

And then will these Names I constantly utter
Go darting as arrows to wake Him from slumber
And then will He shed His yogic trance
And shoot back His arrow, that sidelong glance
Like He shot these constantly in Vrindavan
Piercing modesty armours of those harmless maiden
And then will He pay for that unprovoked belligerence
By loving responses to my frequent disturbance

My chanting will keep Him in this battle, endless
Like Gopis, I will each time, emerge victorious
As my sweet little Lord is prone to losing
To hearts given to His Names in constant musing

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare