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Jai Guru!

With the blessings of Param Gurudeva Dasharathideva Yogeshwara, Gurudeva Sitaramdas Omkarnath and Sri Guru Vitthal Ramanuja, the inaugural issue of The Mother, started in fifties of the previous century is being published from Rishikesh, Himalayas, in the new e-avatar. It is Gurudeva’s wish and the mother’s grace alone that The Mother is re-manifesting amongst us. Sadanandamayi Ma, Karunamaya Guro.

Having heard that Gurudeva Vitthal Maharaj was in Omkareshwar, I went to take his blessings. This was some time around 2002 soon after my return from America. Maharaj was in tapasya and was not seeing anybody. Understanding that Maharaj was always compassionate to me on previous occasions, his attendant then, Tanmay told me that he may see me the next day or the day after.

Those days the ashram was very small with just a couple of rooms on the ground floor and Maharaj’s chambers upstairs on top of the guha where Sitaram Baba had undergone severe penance and attained Omkar. With plenty of time in hand, I asked Tanmayda, if I could get some books to read. All he could make available to me were Hindi and Bengali books apart from three or four English books which I had already read and owned. I was disappointed and asked if he could show me where the library or the old books could be in the ashram. In my previous such quests in Rishikesh, Banaras or Vrindavan, I was always lucky in finding an odd English book hidden amongst hundreds of Bengali books. After much pondering, Tanmayda said there in no library as such but there were old trunks in one of the locked rooms and he remembered seeing something in English. We went and started opening them, and lo from a huge aged aluminium trunk Tanmay took out a virtual treasure trove of Baba’s literature in English. There were almost 50 to 60 issues of the Mother published almost fifty years back yellowed with age. The cover said “The Mother” Sponsored by Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath edited by Dr. Sri Kumar Banerjee and Prof Sadananda Chrakrabarthi. I was thrilled and got lost in them day and night until Maharaj sent word for me the next day.

Maharaj, though in tapasya, in his extreme benevolence, made an exception and blessed me with his darshan and during that brief time also remarkably conveyed that it would be right for The Mother to be made available to today’s generation in a relevant form. He also in his kindness sought for, arranged and sent all issues of the Mother available in his personal collection. It was apparent to me that it was by his wish alone that the Mother appeared before us.

While reading the Mother, it was doubly reaffirmed when in Baba’s Matri Gatha I came across, the mystical mantra “sadanandamayi ma, karunamaya guro” which enthralled me. I was awestruck.

My good friend philosopher and guide Raj Supe, Kinkar Vishwashreyananda, was equally if not more thrilled. After all, this is his line.

Under his able editorship with the direction of Sri Maharaj and blessings of all the saints of Bharat Varsha we are pleased to offer you The Mother as an e-magazine. I am sure he will take forward the high standards set by our predecessors who in an editorial expressed clearly in 1960- “Ours is a dhrama- patra, a journal, that is devoted to the furtherance of dharma” , Whosoever serves the Mother- and in whatever capacity – serves the Lord’s own cause and is a sharer conscious or unconscious, in god’s inscrutable ways of fulfilling himself. Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath makes no secret of the fact that the mother has come down on earth and is by no means of human origin and we who are privileged to serve her are but tools in her hands. We are being acted through rather than acting”.

I trust with The Mother all of us will receive Baba’s benediction- “ma ki aseem kripa aur pyaar me snaat ho”, may you be drenched in the mother's divine love.

Kishore Rao
Rishikesh, Himalayas
12th February 2012,
Sri Guru’s Janma Tithi- Omkar Panchami